Which is the best LIC Policy for Child?

There are many child plans in LIC. There names are Jeevan Lakshya, Jeevan Tarun, Children Money Back, Jeevan Umang, But the customer always ask this question which is the best LIC Policy for Child?

Every LIC Child Plan has special features which fulfills one need or the other. It always very confusing for parents to decide the best child policy for his child. 

For that they should do the registration for expert advice for best LIC Child Plan and we ll help the customers to decide, which is the best LIC Policy for Child.

Jeevan Lakshya is an endowment plan where age entry is 18yrs. It means it can not be taken on the name of the child. But the features it provides fulfill the needs of parents looking for complete financial security of his child.  

Jeevan Tarun is also one the best LIC child plan.  It is one of  the cheapest LIC Child plan. It provides funds from 20 to 25yr age of the child. 

Parents can take policy on the name of child. Children money back is the plan which provides funds starting from 18yrs of the child. But the funds comes on alternate years that is on 18yr, 20yr, 22yr, 25yr. 

If parents want to take whole life plan for their kids then Jeevan Umang is the best. Every year tax free income is provided to the child whole life in Jeevan Umang.  

Frequently Asked Questions.

Which is the best LIC policy for child?

There are numerous plans in LIC which are best for kids. Jeevan Lakshya, Jeevan Tarun, Jeevan Umang, Children money back plan & SIIP are some of the best LIC child Plans. It depends upon the requirement of parents. There are numerous factors based on which one can decide which is the best child plan. Its not that the plans are not best but depends on parents what is their requirement.

Which policy is best for Girl Child in LIC?

In 21st century there is no difference between boy and girl. People have one or two kids. They want to give the best education to their kids and consider boy & girl equally. But sometimes when question arises Which policy is best for Girl Child in LIC, the purpose behind this question is “Is there any policy which provides better returns for girls?” The answer is NO. All plans are good but people often take Jeevan Lakshya for their daughters as Kanyadaan plan.

Which LIC plan is best for new born?

The best part with new born child is, it has time. He has maximum time. As the days will pass the time will keep on reducing. Lets understand this with the help of an example. If a child is born then in 18yrs he will clear 12th, in 21yrs he will pass graduation and in 23yrs he will pass post graduation. So any plan weather Jeevan Lakshya or Jeevan Tarun or Children money back plan all will be best. When there is maximum time the premium will be lesser and returns will be maximum. If plan not taken immediately for new born then it will keep on becoming expensive and the returns will keep on reducing.